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Intuition Bundle, Palo Santo & Amethyst Wand


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Each bundle contains 2 Palo Santo Sticks and 1 Amethyst Wand.

Adding the Sunsum Intuition Bundle to your space will immediately release soothing aromas and a sense of security.

The moment you receive your bundle, you will immediately feel the effects as the soothing aromas of the Palo Santo start to uplift your mood. You can choose to keep the bundle in tact as a decoration or scented trinket or you can maximize the effects by burning the Palo Santo as an incense and meditating with the Amethyst.

Palo Santo means holy wood and is a natural incense and can be used for aromatherapy in your space or in smudging rituals. It is best known for its ability to add positivity to your space whereas sage removes negativity. It’s best to think of it as sage CLEARS it out the bad and palo santo BRINGS back the good. Palo Santo is recommended for daily use as it simply encourages positive energy while purifying the air.

Amethyst is known for its healing, contentment, good luck and psychic protection properties. It also stimulates the Third-Eye and has enhancement properties for perception, intuition and creativity.

Set out the crystal in the moonlight overnight (a process known as charging).

Set your intentions, as amethyst can be used for the following : dispelling and repelling negativity, meditation, good luck and astral travel.

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