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Discover your daily PLANT POWER in one pipette.

Shine from the inside out.

The HER (KIND) daily tonic is formulated to boost your everyday wellbeing

A blend of six nourishing botanicals, taken everyday, to help support female daily wellness, boost skin and hair health, bring you some calm and focus, balance hormones and nourish your inner bloom.

We do not add any extra vitamins or minerals to this daily tonic.
All the supplement power comes directly from the amazing plants found in this blend making it easy to be incorporated into your already established daily wellbeing routine.

This tonicis alcohol-free.

A magical blend ofbotanical glycerine extracts:

SHATAVARI The ultimate female tonic, it helps balance hormones, boost libido, regulate cycles, manage menopause and all-round an superstar!
GOJI BERRY Packed full of vitamins A & C, rejuvenates the skin, makes our eyes sparkle and keeps our immune system in good working order.
ROSEHIP Brimming with antioxidants and Vitamin C, energises, boosts mental wellbeing and supports a busy lifestyle.
CHLORELLA A supreme detoxifier which is abundant with wellbeing benefits.
SIBERIAN GINSENG An incredible adaptogen to keep us emotionally balanced and stress-free while supporting good mood and brain function.
NETTLE LEAF An all-round green powerhouse! Rich in chlorophyll and bursting with wonderful nutrients it keeps our skin clear and our hair lustrous and delays on the onset of grey


Take a full pipette daily under the tongue or drop into water.
Best taken with breakfast.

SERVING SIZE: 1 full pipette

NOTHING HIDDEN, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL – just nature’s magic at its very best.


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